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Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program

Drug treatment at Second Street is based upon the knowledge that an effective alcohol and drug treatment requires physical as well as mental change.


Fight against Drug or Alcohol Addiction

The purpose of the Second Street facility is not confinement. The aim is to remove the addictive environment ...


Benefits of Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers

Second Street has a panel of Medical Doctors, Dentists and Psychiatrists, who are available should their services...

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Can drug addiction be cured?

Drug addiction cannot be cured. positive realizations and a change in behavior help in the treatment for it . it can only be treated in relation to each individuals behaviour , based on how the treatment has impacted that particular individuals life and whether or not he/she accepts the given treatment .long term behavioural treatment is the only process which has been practically effective against drug addiction. addiction lasts in the brain longer than the treatment itself and has to be councelled upon keeping the individuals mental priority in mind. due to addiction being a chronic disease the institute providing the treatment has to make sure that it does not re-appear in the form of past behaviour or any sort of craving in the individuals personality. if any stranger is inclined to come upon the definition of "chronic disease" , one might think that for every disease there is a cure .but addiction is different and does not completely work under the guidelines of  medication and therapy but requires a change in behaviour which forms a new thought process for the individual to help him/her recover.

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