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Best Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, India

We are in right now 21st century, the era of modernization and globalization. But we live in a complex society. Every day many of us have to go past with stress and anxiety. Today stress becomes our life partner. Tension is compelling in our lives. Many of us find an answer on how to deal with all these, and in this scenario, drug alcohols becoming mind-altering chemicals. Many peoples start taking it to get rid of stress. But unfortunately, it becomes an addiction to many.

It is not easy for many to sort out the problem. When your alcohol intake crossed the line, unaware of the fact you become addicted. More modern, we are becoming more complicated; our lifestyle becomes. More complexity is taking place in our daily life.

For many of us, we get familiar with alcohol in social meetings, parties surrounded by our near and dear ones. But taking liquors in parties is just enjoyment for us but some others, it is a means to cope up with the high and lows in their life.

Within a short time, the chemicals take over all the aspects of a person’s life. Soon it occupies the driving seat of the person’s life. Then his or her life becomes out of control.

Now the time comes, it is when the addicted person has to choose the right decision to go for the rehab treatment under professional and get well soon under their guidance.


In an uncompleted world, alcoholism is the inability to control drinking due to both physical and emotional dependence on alcohol. Many times, it’s just beginning as fun or curiosity to try something new. But if not controlled in time life can turn either way.

If your life is completely shadowed by alcohol then without wasting time, approach to the alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai.

 Alcoholism or alcohol addiction affects irrespective of gender, caste creed, and religion. In today’s so-called modern society, recreational drinking is seen as a “cool” thing. Sometimes it is displayed a status symbol without addressing its adverse effects on the society.

Drunkenness can ruin a life, a family, a society. But unfortunately, the media promoted drinking as very fashionable as well as a “cool” thing.

The consequences of alcoholism are lethal. If any of your family members victims of alcoholism then do not waste time and approach a reliable alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai.

Effects of Alcoholism on Family

Alcohol abuse and drunkenness within the family is a severe problem that can destroy a marriage and can cause long-lasting damage in the family. According to the recent studies ten suicides every day takes place due to alcohol or drug addiction. Abrasion and strife become the routine of family life. At the end of the day family of an addict suffers the most. Friction becomes the daily issues within the family.

Addiction not only spoils the life of the addict but also destroys the social status of the family. It creates a long-lasting stigma in the mind of the family members of the addicted person.  

One in every 100 addicted ends up in getting help in recovery. In the widespread scenario Govt. and another private org has set up rehab centers across the globe and in the country to help the victims and their families.

If you are wanting to help your family members, visit the nearest alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai. Timely action can save a person’s life.

Alcohol Rehab

Overcoming the addiction to alcohol can be a long-lasting process. At times it may sound problematic. But it is not impossible. If anyone battling with drunkenness can join de–addiction centre nearby. There are many de-addiction centres in Mumbai.

Anyone can recover from alcoholism and alcohol abuse no matter how heavily drinker be he or she was. Rehabilitation plays a vital role here. It really helps the alcohol addict to get back to the normal life. But the recovery is a gradual process mostly depends on the intensity of the alcohol addiction. The nature of the treatment depends upon the severity of the addiction. Each patient is different, so the treatment involves detoxification, counseling, mind training, and medications under the supervision of the specialist.

Many pathological and radiological tests are also done to evaluate the physical as well as psychic levels. This process helps a lot to the patient to get back to normal life. During this period’s patients are trained with various behavior changing techniques. They learn how to deal with anger, aggression and compulsiveness.

The psychotherapeutic techniques help to regain their emotional health. Even the family members of the patient also vet support from the centers. They also learn how to build a healthy relationship with patients post rehab.

This kind of treatment approach is research-based and time-tested practice. So, if you know someone who is struggling with alcoholism contact the nearest alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai at earliest.

It is very important to search a alcohol rehabilitation centre nearest to the addicts’ home and also comfortable and matches need. Treatment may vary and can yield results after long time but it is important to stick to the program and complete the whole treatment procedure.

Our Approach to Alcohol Rehabilitation

If you are searching premiere alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai then your search ends at Second Street Rehabilitation Centre. It is a alcohol rehabilitation centre with optimal facility.

We the Second Street Rehabilitation Centre are committed to the ethical treatment with professional standards.

Our professional team always delivers the best without compromising the health of the patient. We care our patient with scientifically evidence-based psychotherapy approaches. We practiced this procedure with the proven concepts of the WHO approved twelve steps. With all the innovative technology we have creates the lifetime treatment experiences.

Our professional team of psychologist and psychiatrist treats patient with research based modern techniques and tested methodology. Our treatment procedure includes detoxification, yoga, family counselling, educational talks and several other ways to promote holistic healings of mind body and soul.

Our goal is to enable a drug/alcohol free life. We create an ambience where a doctor and patient relation stands on dignity and respect. The main aim is to deal with patients psychological and emotional and social problems in every day’s life.

We offer 1:1 counselling, lectures and group therapy. We also take help of family members or near ones of the patient. Another unique feature of our service is to deliver family support program where full support has given to the patient’s family. Lab tests has been done in regular intervals to identify the current physical as well as mental stage of the patient. In a single possible way we try our level best to help our patient.

Our main mission is to bring back the patient to the normal life by evaluating physical psychological status of the patient and helps them towards holistic cure and long lasting well beings.

Second Street Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre is the most trusted and reliable premiere alcohol rehab centre in Mumbai. We feel the pain of the victims and their families. We offer most effective and long-lasting recovery of patients playing a war against addiction.

So do not hesitate to contact us. Time is passing by. Every moment is crucial. Do not waste the valuable time. We can assure you of complete and holistic cure.

Best Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, India

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