Benefits Of Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres Based On Quality Program

Affiliation with medical professionals

Second Street has a panel of Medical Doctors, Dentists and Psychiatrists, who are available should their services be required by a resident.

A meaningful life curriculum

The activities and sessions at Second Street are brilliant in their sheer simplicity. Each day is filled with enlightening and down-to-earth learning. Engaging dialogue and lively discussion are our preferred method of instruction. There are no lectures to endure. We use a tested, personalized approach to teach life skills necessary for an adult to function effectively in today’s society.

Food for the Body and the Soul

Second Street believes that healthy, nutritious and great tasting food is as important as the other therapeutic treatment. Feeling and looking physically healthy and fit is a great motivator. A daily changing menu comprising of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options enjoyed with the others at the rehab facility, completes the feeling of being a family. Thus nourishing both the body and the soul.

Find Us

Second Street Rehabilitation Centre
Survey No. 26/2, Block No. 91, House No. 313/1 Bhendi Pada,
Yeoor, Thane-400 610. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

 +91 9137534132 | |

Accommodation & Facilities

  1. Air-conditioned rooms and dormitory
  2. Hot water
  3. Veg/Non –Veg menu
  4. Satellite TV
  5. Indoor games
  6. 24/7 medical and support staff
  7. Panel of medical & psychiatric staff
  8. Experienced counsellors & therapists
  9. Clean and modern living area
  10. 24/7 Ambulance Service

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