Facilities of Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Juhu

Facilities of Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Juhu

Drug use leads to drug addiction. Addiction suffers brain damage and recovery is very difficult, and due to the effects of drugs, addicts also suffer from cognitive, behavioral and personality degradation disorders.

Drug addicts have mental confusion, behavioral and personality disorders, and are easily excitable, especially for stimulant drug users, when they have a seizure, they can lead to slashing and killing their loved ones and family without knowing it.

Treatment of drug addiction is very difficult, requiring an integrated therapy including medical, management, education, counseling, psychology… Treatment staff must have knowledge about drugs, not just drugs, love for addicts is enough.

Complexities of Drug Rehabilitation Centre

Drug rehabilitation centre in Juhu and treatment facility for many years has always fulfilled its work tasks well. Detoxification work is increasingly difficult and complicated, especially now that there are many types of synthetic drugs, the unit has done a good job of receiving, managing, counseling, and helping students and people after detoxification to stabilize. Psychology, health, and relapse prevention; well organize productive labor activities and support people after drug addiction treatment, prepare conditions for reintegration into the community.

In order to perform well the task of detoxification, management and help students integrate into the community, in the coming time, the institution will promote cooperation with businesses, vocational training institutions, and individual organizations to find a job, suitable and high income for students, helping them choose their favorite professions, suitable for their health and personal level.

Qualified Staff

Arrange and manage staff reasonably, in accordance with the actual conditions of the unit and the professional qualifications of the staff in order to achieve high efficiency in work; strengthen the training to improve professional skills in health work, propagate and educate personality behavior, advise students and regularly grasp the ideas of the target audience.

Therefore, for the treatment of drug addiction to be effective, the synchronous coordination – good ideas plus the knowledge of the whole family and the community is very great to be able to solve this very difficult problem.

Concentrated detoxification treatment

Concentrated detoxification treatment at the Drug Rehabilitation centre in Juhu is more appreciated than at home or in the community. This form of detoxification creates conditions for addicts to escape the environment, the pull of people who are using drugs. Addicts have conditions to quit according to the treatment regimen. On the other hand, addicts also have conditions to work and learn jobs, helping to reintegrate into the community and stabilize their lives later.

However, the first phase of detoxification at home and in the community needs to be re-examined, because many cases of drug addicts who started out in the family and community are sent back to home and community for detoxification. It is very difficult to successfully detox. Family and community reasons are not enough knowledge about drugs, inability to treat because drug addiction requires an integrated therapy; not to mention the physical infrastructure is difficult to meet the addiction treatment. In addition, drug addicts easily lead to mental illness, especially for stimulant drugs, if leaving them at home and in the community is extremely dangerous.

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Accommodation & Facilities

  1. Air-conditioned rooms and dormitory
  2. Hot water
  3. Veg/Non –Veg menu
  4. Satellite TV
  5. Indoor games
  6. 24/7 medical and support staff
  7. Panel of medical & psychiatric staff
  8. Experienced counsellors & therapists
  9. Clean and modern living area
  10. 24/7 Ambulance Service