What changes come in behavior if someone takes drugs?


What changes come in behavior if someone takes drugs?

 Drug use is a very old phenomenon in human history and constitutes a serious public health problem, with serious personal and social consequences for the future of the addict and of society as a whole.

It is increasingly common that every day we hear stories of people who get lost in the dark world of drugs. And no matter how evolved we are, there is still a stereotype that makes many believe that chemical dependency only comes to families that are dysfunctional or have relationship problems.

Often, friends and relatives of drug addicts or former addicts blame themselves for having realized too late that the family member was using drugs. But it is normal that at this stage, the addict has secrets and makes it difficult for everyone to access his/her personal life.

So, after knowing a little more about drugs, chemical dependency and their characteristics, let’s go to behavior change tips that can indicate the use of drugs by someone you care about. But first step after confirming that your loved one is addicted to drugs, take him to the drug rehabilitation centre in Thane. Check out! 

1. Constant changes in mood and greater aggressiveness

It is common to have some mood swings during our day. Something that doesn’t go according to plan, full buses, traffic. A sudden change in behavior, when it occurs suddenly several times a day, in addition to being harmful to interpersonal relationships, can also indicate mental disorders.

It is acceptable for people to change their moods quite often, and this may not have anything to do with drug use. But if you notice that someone close to you responds aggressively when asked where you’ve been or when something strange is found among your belongings, pay attention.

2. Isolation of the presence of family and friends

The biggest damages and the first problems to be created by the drug use are the bonds with the family. Chemical dependency affects the functioning of the brain, changing the user’s mental activity. It confuses your feelings, thoughts, conscience, judgment and self-criticism.

3. Sleep changes and energy failure

If your loved one has been sleeping more than they used to, or sleepless nights, this can be a wake-up call. Some drugs cause drowsiness, while others cause insomnia. Try to chat with him without pressuring or charging at first.

4. Change of friends

We know that for friendships to work, people need to like the same things, or even accept what their friends like to do. For example, most friends who do not use drugs will not find it interesting for the other friend to use and advice or recriminate.

5. Loss of interest in things he loved doing

When someone starts using drugs, they experience sensations they have never experienced before. As we talked about earlier, it may be that the person experiences it, but it doesn’t change anything in your life. However, it may be that she only uses it a few times and this activates the reward system, making her feel that she needs to use more and more.

6. Lack of concentration and focus

The use of drugs causes uncontrolled central nervous system, so it can be very difficult to stay focused. So if a child, husband, or nephew can’t concentrate on studies or work, and has other behavioral characteristics that you’ve seen here, it could be an indication that they’re using drugs.

So these are some character changes can be seen in a drug addicted person. So, as we already mentioned that the addict must be admitted to the Drug rehabilitation centre in Thane for a proper treatment.

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