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Mumbai has been the capital city of the state of Maharashtra and also known as the financial capital and hub of the country as it is home to both the National and Mumbai Stock Exchange, and all the top companies have its head offices is there in Mumbai. Over the last few decades, Mumbai has witnessed a massive boom in the growing industrialization, and also millions of people have got job offers as well, and apart from that, the city is also known for Bollywood film industry.

However, despite of all such good things and so many improvements, the city is getting a bad name due to rising drug addictions, mainly among the younger generations.  And thus, there has been a massive demand for reliable drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai that will offer complete cure and care to all addicted patients and help them come back to everyday life.  

Introducing Second Street Rehabilitation Centre As Leading drug Rehab Centre in Mumbai

Well, exactly here comes Second Street Rehabilitation Center, your one-stop destination for complete drug rehabilitation care and treatment to all their patients suffering from addiction.  As soon the patient approaches here, first, they conduct a thorough medical test and start to analyze the case history to know how they fall prey to this drug addiction, and then, based on that, they begin their treatment process.

As a premier drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, they have got a world-class infrastructure with having a team of highly-experienced physiatrist doctors, nurses and offers hell lots of indoor sports activities as well. Also, they have arrangements for all kinds of mental recreation facilities for all of their patients, which gradually helps the patients to get well acquainted with the center’s staff and environment at the same time in the process, slowly, they tend to get rid of this addiction.

Well, as per the research by several medical R&D firms, India having a record of around ten drug addiction related suicides every day in all parts of the country. The main reason behind this is that too much taking of drugs or alcohol tends to alter the thinking and mentality of the addicts, and as a result, he/she starts losing all feelings of emotions and make them mentally depress a person. It is such a state of mind that compels a person to take such a drastic step at attempting suicide, and also this has been the main reason among all family issues as well.   

So here being a reputable drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, they also face tremendous challenge initially while starting the treatment of a particular patient because at the individual time patients also become bit violent and therefore for that they always have a team of physiatrist, yoga experts, nurses, doctors, and other medical staff who has a decade of experience in dealing with addicted patients.

How We Help Patients To Get Rid of Their Addictions

You must be well aware of one fact and that is Drug addiction is basically a chronic disease which makes a person tends to lose complete control over their behavior and actions. 

Here, people respond to the drug in various ways, which are not always a pleasant experience as some of them might lead a controlled life still while using the drug substance, but in most cases, patients become mentally imbalanced and sometimes turn to be violent if they get resistance from family members for becoming addicted to these harmful substances. 

As a result, with the passing day, the patient becomes more violent, and thus at that state of mind, they also become a threat for the rest members of the family as well.  Since for purchasing that harmful substance, they tend to sell every asset of the home, including the entire bank balance as well. Therefore, that is the most important time when one should consider approaching a reliable drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai. Here, which is none other than the Second Street Rehabilitation Center, which is located in the Thane district of Mumbai.

Here, we provide complete care and support to patients with all comfort and facilities so that the process of rehabilitation becomes smooth and the hassle free. At Second Street Drug Rehabilitation Centre, we always have an aim to reverse the overall physical and psychological damages to the health of addicts so that they can resume an everyday and productive life.

The most challenging task here is that here various patients have got a different case history and most of them are from the younger generation who are suffering from depression and out of them fall addicted to such things.

On other hands some people become addict all accidentally influenced by friends, and which happen most time in colleges. There have been several cases of arresting such gangs who mainly target school and college students to find new victims towards these addictions.  

These days govt too has set up a particular anti-drug cell in all govt schools and colleges, whereas private institutions also, have started taking similar measures within the campus. 

Therefore, as a first step, we mainly focus on starting the detoxification process for removing all the harmful toxins that have already entered patients’ body through the drug. Our well-trained cleansing agent does the systematic cleansing for a specific period.

Well, this is followed by another treatment process called nutritious diet and health supplements, counseling, yoga, meditation, and other required therapies which is conducted by our team of doctors.  

Compared to other drug addiction centres in Mumbai, we offer a fully customized treatment process based on the kind of addiction the patient has, and from the time he/she is consuming the drugs.  So, in this regard, we create a multi-pronged treatment plan to bring back all the significant parameters of the patient to their normal state. At Second Street Drug Rehabilitation Centre, we provide complete expert guidance under mentor doctors who has got a decade of experience in dealing with drug-addicted patients. Along with that, we always have an aim to provide entirely comfortable, joyous, and free environment to all our patients so that they can feel relax and have faith on our treatment procedure. 

Since we understand that emotional bonding is very much important between patients and doctors, so we always focus on maintaining the same with all our patients and thus that we maintain complete confidentiality of all the information we got to know from patients based on their current conditions. And therefore, we help them to develop their confidence level and encourage them to live an energetic and better life by imputing all kinds of positive thoughts in their mind. Well, in this manner, we try to improve their mind, as well as health and patients, start feeling positive regarding life and in the process, slowly get rid of this addiction completely.

Best Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, India.

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